Listen To Your Heart (Single)



  1. Listen To Your Heart – Album version
  2. Listen To Your Heart (Fehrlund Radio Edit)
  3. Listen To Your Heart (D.J. Solstice Electrofix Radio Mix)
  4. Listen To Your Heart (Vcut Radio Edit)
  5. Listen To Your Heart (D.J. Genesis Mix)
  6. Listen To Your Heart (System K’s Tribal Mix)
  7. Listen To Your Heart (Fehrlund Extended Mix)
  8. Listen To Your Heart (D.J. Solstice Electrofix Club Remix)
  9. Listen To Your Heart (VCut Club Remix)
  10. Listen To Your Heart ( D.J. Solstice Electrofix Dub)

Product Description

This is the 3rd single from dance/pop artist Rob E C. A very high-energy song with lots of terrific dance floor remixes that is headed for the dance charts. Rob E C has already scored club hits with his first two singles, "Right Here Waiting" and the current single "Heaven", which he co-wrote and produced. "Listen To Your Heart" is also available on the brilliant recently re-released album "Deliverance", a collection of brilliant synth pop/dance songs with elements of Depeche Mode, Lasgo, Ian Van Dahl, Linkin Park, and other bands. "Listen To Your Heart" features terrific re-mixes by some of Europe's hottest up and coming dee-jays and re-mixers. Rob E C said in a recent interview this single will be even more popular than "Heaven" because of it's high energy and infectious groove.



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