Dynamic! Energetic! Influenced by dark synth-pop bands like Depeche Mode, The Cure and Camouflage. These are just a few of the words being used to describe Los Angeles electo-pop/dance recording artist, songwriter, and producer Rob E C. He released two albums of original material and a remix album in 2006; “The Voices Inside” and “Deliverance” on his own and is about to release a new album full of infectious electro-pop dance songs in Nov. 2009.. This promises to be a breakthrough year for the former Connecticut dee-jay. “The Voices Inside” features two versions of the hit single “Right Here Waiting” which hit #3 on the Billboard Breakout Chart. It also includes the original version of “Heaven”, his second single which was heavily played at Abercrombie and Fitch stores and satellite dance radio stations throughout the country. The album also has outstanding pop songs like “Give It Up”, featuring rap vocals by rapper Knotty, “Her Way”, and the heart-tugging ballad “Never Leave You Again,” which reached #6 on the American underground pop chart.

The second album, Deliverance, is more dance oriented and high energy and is a must have album for dance music lovers. Outstanding tracks include the video version of his previous single “Heaven” and an incredibly powerful ballad “Wishing You Were Here,” which can be heard in the Miramax feature film “Adventureland” starring Kristen Stewart. There is also a video for the song on Other outstanding tracks include “Listen To Your Heart,” of which there are several great remixes, “You Can Try” and the very personal “Save Myself”.


Originally from Connecticut, Rob began studying piano and writing songs at the age of ten. He later attended SUNYPurchaseCollege in New York and was enrolled in their acclaimed music studio composition program. After graduating with a Bachelor of Arts degree in music composition he relocated to Los Angeles in 1997 and formed a mobile deejay company called “Uptown Sounds” and spun music at various events like weddings, birthdays, and private parties. Not content with just deejaying, he started working on songs for his first two albums with supremely talented producer Phillie G. When the first two albums were completed, he contacted some of Europe’s talented crop of up and coming producers and deejays to do club remixes for the third album “The Remixes”. In September 2006 all three albums were made available on I-tunes, and all other online digital stores.


Rob E C’s new electro-pop and dance album “Breakout” is now available for digital downloads on Itunes and all major online stores and physical copies of the album will be on sale at and the Rob E C official website on May 15th, 2010. There is a video for one the tracks called “Contemplate” which can be see on websites such as The album got a terrific review on Radio Last summer the Rob E C song “Wishing You Were Here” (Hearts Collide) from the album Deliverance was heard in the feature film “Adventureland” starring Kristen Stewart. There is also a video for the track on,, etc. On Oct. 19th, 2009 at the request of 2009 Grammy nominated recording artist Arnold G, Rob E C performed at the “Hand In Hand” fundraiser at Rage Nightclub in West Hollywood, CA to raise money for the devastation in the Philippines caused by a typhoon that killed over 700 people. Rob E C also recently performed at the Celebrity Theatre in Hollywoodduring the Los Angeles Singling Competition finals in which he mentored up and coming singer Leandro Fossi and performed the Rob E C song “Never Leave You Again” with Leandro. The video of the performance is available on or the Rob E C official website.